Jacob Hammond Picture

Beautiful and intuitive design

I’m Jacob, a Multimedia Designer based in London currently helping design #agoodbank and running Precise Pixels

I’m an all-rounder with skills in UX/UI design, web design, front-end development, graphic design, 3D design, photography and production.

Recently I have focused on designing responsive and mobile experiences for native apps, websites and web apps.


  • Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

  • Sketch 3

  • Sublime Text

  • Git / GitHub

  • OmniGraffle, Axure

  • Marvel, InVision

  • 3DS Max

  • Nikon DSLR Camera


  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Javascript & jQuery

  • SASS & Compass

  • PHP

  • Java & Android SDK

  • ActionScript 3.0

  • XML, XSLT, XML Schema